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Owner/Handler Doug Miller and his female Beagle, Mickey, are ready to help with your bed bug concerns.  Mickey is highly trained in scent detection and along with her handler, Doug, continue to be an NESDCA Accredited Bed Bug Detection Team.  Mickey was trained by Ironheart High Performance Working Dogs, which is 1 of only 2 NESDCA trainers in the country.  This training continues daily throughout her working career.  She is energetic and independent.  Certified dogs like Mickey are proven to be the most accurate and effective method of testing for the presence of bed bugs. We'll tell you if you have a real bed bug problem or not, and where it is.  Upwards of 96% of the time Mickey will detect the issue, thus reducing time, money and cost of using expensive chemicals that may or may not rid you of the infestation. 


Doug brings integrity and confidentially to Ohio Canine Detection Services. He spent over 25 years in law enforcement and wildlife management. He has a B.S degree in wildlife management / biology. In his previous career he worked closely with the public and state legislators as a wildlife officer and manager with the state of Ohio. He has also owned and trained dogs for over 30 years.


Together they offer the best bed bug detection services in Ohio at: hotels, motels, apartments, dorms, jails, prisons, nursing homes, skilled nursing homes, assisted living homes, hospitals, movie theater, residential homes schools or within any other public venues.


Public venues should contact us to discuss regular scheduled inspections to detect a bed bug issue as soon as possible. We can find the problem before your clients or guest do and save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue from bad ratings and press. Don't wait until you know you have a bed bug problem call us today to set up your scheduled inspection program.


Let us find your bed bugs before your clients do!

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