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Pre-Inspection Checklist


Ohio Canine Detection Services, LLC.

Pre-Inspection Checklist and Disclaimer


Ohio Canine Detection Services, LLC requests that prior to any inspection, the customer complete the following necessary steps:


  • Remove all pets and litter boxes from the search area.

  • Vacuum floors  of search area

  • Put up all food items and remove any food that may be on the floor of the search area.

  • Turn off all air conditioners and fans at least 30 minutes prior to inspection.

  • Remove any air fresheners and smoking devices from the search area at least 2 hours prior to inspection.

  • If possible move furniture away from walls.

  • Place any mattress from upper areas (I.e. Bunk beds) on the floor.

  • Place comforters on the top of beds to allow easy access to the mattress and box springs.

  • Remove any plastic bags and small toys from the floor of the search area
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